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Vanguard Solutions, Incorporated is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business headquartered in Orlando, Florida USA.

We bring expert, innovative and diversified research, engineering services, technical
support and products to Government and Industry throughout the globe.

Vanguard Solutions specializes in highly efficient, cost-effective, integrated solutions
for the Warfighter ... whether in the air, on land or sea.  We cover the spectrum of live,
virtual and constructive training, focused on the delivery of joint force, on-board training,
and distributed system solutions.

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Providing "Gold Standard" support to America's Warfighters

Vanguard Solutions

We are proud to claim the
title of –

The "Gold Standard" by which
all small businesses in support
of the Warfighter are measured.

Consulting Webster's

Vanguard (n.) –

The group at the forefront of any field, movement or activity; the position of greatest importance or advancement.

Solutions (n.) –

... made by identifying the best designs based on direction from customers, facts, goals, costs, and risks.



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